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Decorative Interior Paint with Pearl Effect

Product Definition
Acrylic emulsion based decorative interior paint with pearl effect.

Application Areas
> On interiors suitably prepared new mineral surfaces such as mortar, concrete, cement panel, gypsum panel etc, on old painted surfaces, glass textile, putty and wall paper to create a decorative effect and on wood and metal surfaces for hobby purposes.

> Pearl Effect.
> Easily cleanable with its scrub resistance.
> High water vapour permeability.
> Provides the possibility to create infinite number of patterns with respect to the used application tool, method and the imagination of the user.
> Solvent free and practically odourless.
> Water thinnable and ecologically compatible.

Technical Features
(at 23°C and 50% RH)

General Data:
Colors: 9 colors in İS7ANBUL Efekt color chart. Tintable by Renk Ustası.
Consumption: Depending on the evenness and the porosity of the surface approximately 0.055 - 0.160 kg/m²
Composition: Acrylic emulsion based
Thinner: Water
Density: Approx. 1.06 gr/cm³

Application Data:
Application Temperature Range: (+5°C) - (+35°C)
Drying Time: Tack-free time 30 minutes and thoroughly dry after 24 hours. Lower temperatures and/or higher relative humidity will lengthen the drying process.
Application Tools: Brush, Roller, Airless spraying equipment, decorative application tools (sponge, spatula, etc.)

Application Instructions
> The substrate must be cleaned from dust, dirt, oil and old blistered coatings that may prevent good adhesion. The surface should be made sound, clean and dry. New cementitous substrates must be cured at least 28 days before application.
> If necessary, fill the surface cracks and even the substrate with Kale İNCE AKRİLİK MACUN or Kale MACUNART.
> To have a fine, smooth texture, smoothen the entire surface by using Kale İNCE AKRİLİK MACUN or Kale MACUNART.
> Prime old painted and very dirty surfaces with Kale SİLASTAR, new and porous surfaces with Kale SATEN ALÇI ASTARI or Kale SİLASTAR.
> Apply KALİA MAT or KALİA İPEK MAT in 2 coats after the primer application.
> Apply İS7ANBUL SEDEF by one of the following methods after the paint application:
A. After thinning with 10% of clean water, İS7ANBUL SEDEF should be applied with roller or brush and desired patterns are created with decorative application tools before it dries.
B. Desired patterns are formed on the surface by padding İS7ANBUL SEDEF with a sponge, paper or piece of cloth.
> Clean the tools with water.
> Ensure that the air and surface temperatures are above 5°C during the application and 24 hours following the application.


> S2 Keep out of reach of children.
> S24/25 Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
> S46 If swallowed, seek medical advice.

> Store between 5°C-35°C in its unopened pail.

> 1 kg, 2.5 kg and 15 kg pails.
> 1 kg and 2.5 kg packages packed together in 2s.

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