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Renk Ustası
Universal Tinting System

Product Definition
Universal manual tinting system allowing anybody to create his own color by adding any of 24 different, light fast, universal, concentrated pigment pastes, offered in dropper bottles into a white paint / coating material he chooses.

Application Areas
> For tinting water and solvent based white decorative paints, plasters, primers, water based white industrial paints and transparent / clear coatings, varnishes, lacquers, wood stains and also for grouting mortars.

> Concentrated pigment paste not paint; universal, light and weather fast pigment paste with a high degree of durability for exterior use.
> Tinting strength is quite high; allowing to achieve the desired color with a very little amount of colorant.
> Capable of tinting of almost any coating material
> Does not dry out or form lump and skin in the bottle.
> Easy to use.
> Lowers stock costs.
> Provides an infinite number of colors of your imagination in addition to the 144 colors presented in its color card.
> Does not change the properties of material added into.

Technical Features
General Data:
Color: 24 colors
Composition: Concentrated pigment paste

Application Instructions
> Add Renk Ustası colorant by 10% to emulsion based paints, 5-8% to synthetic paints and 3-5% for transparent materials like varnishes and lacquers.
> Add first Renk Ustası colorant and then the thinner if required. After emptying the package, mix the remaining concentrate in the package with paint thinner, shake and add to the paint mix.
> Renk Ustası is a concentrated pigment paste and cannot be used as it is only by adding into the paint or coating material.
In tinting of more than one pail, to prevent any shade differences it is recommended to mix all tinted paints at a time.
> Tint Kale branded paints and plasters in the desired shade of RENK USTASI color by using the white paint / colorant mixing ratios given in the RENK USTASI color card.
> Use the ratios given for the equivalent in case of tinting the products of different manufacturers. To make fine color adjustments to prevent color deviations. For tinting synthetic based paints, use appropriate values stated in RENK USTASI color card.
> Shake thoroughly before use and close firmly after use to prevent drying out and skin formation.
> Use number 7 and 11 only in tinting of interior paints.
> Test compatibility before tinting some special products like polyester, pliolite based products. Flocculation and separation indicates incompatibility.
> Do not mix Kale DEKOR and DEKOR PLUS plasters with pigments number 9 and 17 otherwise excessive color differences with the color card will occur.


> S2 Keep out of the reach of children.
> S24/25 Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
> S46 If swallowed, seek medical advice.

> Store between 5°C-35°C in its unopened bottles.

> 20 ml. and 150 ml. dropper bottles.
> 20 ml. packages are packed in 10s and 150 ml. packages are
packed in 4s.

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