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Waterproofing and Concrete Protection Mortar

Product Definition
Rapid curing, highly fl exible and durable waterproofi ng and concrete protection mortar for interior and exterior applications, composed of emulsion polymer based liquid and waterproofi ng,
workability improving mineral additives and special elements containing powder components.

Application Areas
> Waterproofing of sub-basements.
> Waterproofing of underground concrete elements like foundations, retaining walls, basement walls.
> Waterproofing of the soil contacting areas of concrete elements.
> Waterproofing of places subject to deformation, pedesterian and load traffi c.
> Waterproofing of old bitumenous surfaces.
> Waterproofing over old tilings.
> Waterproofing of wall interfaces.
> Waterproofing of balconies and terraces.
> Waterproofing of the areas subject to saline water.
> Waterproofing of concrete basins subject to sea water and de-icing salts.
> Waterproofing of permanently wet areas like swimming pools and water basins.
> Waterproofing of wet areas bathrooms, showers.
> Waterproofing under ceramic tiling.
> Waterproofing of concrete, plaster and screeds.

> Resistant to ageing and UV light.
> Excellent bonding on all concrete and masonry, highly fl exible.
> Non-corrosive for steel and construction elements.
> Resistant to rain within 2 hours, to pressurized water within 16 hpurs after application.
> Allows further application over the surface rapidly, paintable.
> Applicable both on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
> Prevents carbonation in concrete.
> Resistant to freeze-thaw.
> Highly resistant against chloride ions.
> Prevents concrete against de-icing salts like calcium and sodium chloride, seawater and carbondioxide gas.
> Easy to apply either by brush, roller or trowel.

Technical Features
(at 23°C and 50% RH)

General Data:
Appearance: 1st compnent: Grey powder; 2nd component: Pink liquid.
Shelf life (Powder and liquid): 6 months when stored in the original sealed packaging.

Application Data:
Application Temperature: (+5°C) - (+25°C)
Mixing Ratio: 10 lt liquid / 15 kg powder
Mixing: ~2 mins. / 400-600 rpm
Pot Life: 45 minutes

Areas subject to water at a normal level 2,4 kg/m2 (1 layer)
Wall interfaces, moisture-proofi ng, balconies and terraces, brick surfaces 3,2 kg/m2 (2 layer)
Construction walls: 4,5 kg/m2 (2 layer)
Soil contacting concrete elements and foundations: 6,0 kg/m2 (2 layer)
Waiting Time Between the Coats: 2 hours
Ready to use: 16 hours

Performance Data:
Waterproofing Capacity (for 3mm thickness): ≥ 7 bar (positive)
Tensile Strenght (EN 1542): ≥0,80 N/mm2
Tensile AdhesionStrenght After Cycling Without De-icing Salts Impact (EN 13687-3/ EN 1542): ≥1,00 N/mm2
Tensile Adhesion Strenght After Heat Ageing (EN 1062-11/EN 1542): ≥1,00 N/mm2
Resistance to Accelerated Ageing (EN 1062-11): After 2000 hours UV radiation and humidity; No blistering /cracking /fl aking No visual change.
Chemical Resistance (EN ISO 2812-1): No visible deformation after 30 days
Crack Bridging (EN 1062-7): (21 ºC) ≥ 2,5 mm
Elongation at Break: %80
Pressure Load: ≥ 1MN/m2
Chloride Diffusion (ASTM C1202): ≤ 200 Coulomb (Class: Very low permeability)
Carbondioxide Permeability (EN 1062–6): Sd >50 m (Sd: equivalent air thickness)
Water-vapour permeability (EN ISO 7783-2): Class I ; Sd <5
Capillary Water Absorption (EN ISO 1062-3): < 0,1 kg/m²h0,5
Heat Resistance: (-40°C) - (+80°C)
Dangerous Substances: Comply with 5.3
Reaction to Fire: European classifi cation Cs1d0

Application Instructions
> The substrate must be solid, dry, free of dust, loose parts, paint, wax, oils, rust and traces of gypsum.
> Cementitious substrates must be cured.
> Use TamirArt in case of any loose and uneven substrates to get a sound and fl at surface.
> The substrate should be protected from sunlight, precipitation and dust for 1 day and application should not be under direct sunlight. Dampen absorbent surfaces to be treated beforehand with water or better apply Kalekim Astar.
> Pour 10 litres liquid component into a suitable clean container.
> Then slowly add 15 kg. powder component and mix with a low speed of 400-600 rpm mixer to obtain a homogenous lump free mix for minimum 2 minutes.
> If the substrate is porous, Ultralastic should be penetrated into the pores by trowelling.
> Application should be done in one or two layers depending on the situation of the area to be waterproofed. Max. 8 mm thickness is allowed at once. Second layer should be applied after 2 hours
and in the perpendicular direction to the fi rst one. Please refer to the consumption amounts indicated in the technical properties section.
> Use Ultralastic within 45 minutes of preparation. Unfavourable climatic conditions (high temperature, low humidity,
wind etc) can reduce this time to just a few minutes. Dispose mortars of which pot life is expired. Clean tools and hands with water, surfaces with a damp cloth.
> When Ultralastic is used waterproofi ng drinking water tanks, do not fi ll the tank before waiting 28 days for curing
and following washing down with hot water several times.
> Coating whould not be taken into service until hardening of the surface is enough (about 16 hours).


Since contains cement, irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. For further information refer to safety data sheet.

Store in temperatures from +5°C to +25°C in original sealed packing and keep the out of freezing or direct sunlight.

Powder component: 15 kg. multi-ply paper bags, Liquid component: 10 lt. drums.

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