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Mortar Additive

Product Definition
Water dispersion of a synthetic elastomer for improving workability and water impermeability when mixed with cementitious mortars like renders, screeds, repair mortars, adhesive slurries.

Application Areas
> As an admixture to improve flexibility,adhesion, water impermeability characteristics of cementitious mixes for screeds, renders, repair mortars, adhesive slurries.

> Improves adhesion to all surfaces
> Increases resistance to abrasion.
> Improves water impermeability.
> Improves flexibility.
> Increases resistance to freeze-thaw cycles.
> Increases chemical resistance to diluted acids and alkalis, salt solutions and oils.

Technical Features
(at 23°C and 50% RH)

General Data:
Consumption: Styrene Butadiene Latex Emulsion
Appearance: White liquid
Shelf Life: 12 months in original seales package
pH: 8 -10
Density: 1.03 ± 0.03 gr/cm³

Application Data:
Application Temperature Range: (+5°C)-(+35°C)
Mixing Ratio (Latex/Water): 1/1-1/4 depending on the application
Consumption: Varies with application

Application Instructions
> Substrates must be sound, free from oil, grease, and sufficiently dry.
> Cementitious substrates must be cured.
> KALEKİM LATEX should not be shaked much to prevent air entraining.
> Dilute KALEKİM LATEX with water in suitable container in the ratio recommended below for specific applications.
> Pour the solution into the concrete mixer and add the cement and the aggregates preferably mixed before so as to avoid lumps.
> Mix throughly till a obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Usage in renders:
Mix cement and sand at appropriate size in
1/4-1/5 ratio with KALEKİM LATEX diluted water in the ratio of 1/4.

Using in repairing mortar:
Mix cement and sand at appropriate size in
1/3-1/4 ratio with KALEKİM LATEX diluted water in the ratio of 1/3.

Usage in adhesive slurries:
To obtain a bonding slurry to be applied before screeds and plasters on existing cement surfaces add KALEKİM LATEX diluted water in the ratio of 1/2 into 1/3 cement:sand mixture until gets creamy structure.

Usage in screeds:
Mix cement and sand at appropriate size in
1/3-1/4 ratio with KALEKİM LATEX diluted water in the ratio of 1/4. Apply the mixture with brush till it gains 2 mm thickness while the adhesive slurry applied before it is stil fresh. Mix for 2-3 minutes until the mix is smooth.Dispose mortars of which pot life is expired. Clean tools and hands with water, surfaces with a damp cloth before setting begins. After application, in very warm or windy weather conditions, the mortars made with KALEKİM LATEX as an admix must be cured carefully to avoid fast water evaporation, which could cause surface cracks due to plastic shrinkage.


> For further information refer to safety data sheet.

> Store in original sealed packing. Protect from frost and direct sun light.

> In drums of 5 lt or 30 lt or 200 lt barrel.

Quality Documents
> Ministry of Public Works Item No: 04.613/1

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