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Cementitious, Quartz Aggregate Containing,

Product Definition
Cementitious, quartz aggregate containing, dry shake, ready to use surface hardener for the surfaces exposed to medium-heavy wear.

Application Areas
> Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
> Industrial building floors.
> Maintenance workshops and hangers.
> Garages and carparks.
> Storage areas.
> Loading areas.
> Areas exposed to tire wheeled vehicle traffic.

> Easily applicable on fresh concrete.
> Provides even and homogenous surface.
> Prevents abrasion due to mechanical wear.
> Provides resistance against impact.
> Delays dusting of the surface.

Technical Features
Technical Properties (at 23oC/%50 RH)

Appearance/Colours: Red/Green/Gray/Natural powder
Shelf Life: 12 months in original sealed packaging
Consumption: 4-6 kg/m2
Compressive Strength (28 days, EN 196-1): 75 N/mm2
Surface Temperature: 5 - 35 oC
Abrasion Resistance (28 days, TS 699): ~%40 - 50 decrease (on C25 concrete, with respect to the unapplied concrete surface)

Application Instructions
Surface Quality
> The quality of the provided concrete should not vary, the strength should be uniform through out over the surface.
> The concrete floor should be totally compressed, have the class of min. C25 (dose of 350, 25 N/mm2) and prepared with minimum water/cement ratio.
> The thickness of the applied concrete should be minimum 15 cm.
> The air entrained concrete is not convenient for surface hardener application.
> The fresh concrete surface to be applied should have been levelled with a wooden trowel.

Application Method
> The concrete surface should reach to a minimum bearing capacity. The foot print formation when walked over the surface should have a depth of 0,5-1,5 cm.
> Wait until the bleeding water should be evaporated from the surface due to conditions.
> For mechanical applications; Tecnica 32 DS should be spread evenly on the surface just immediately after it is applied to the surface with the automatic spreader with the amount of 5 kg/m2 at once.
> Application in two steps is recommended for manual applications (3 kg/m2 at first step, 2 kg/m2 at the second step).
> Careful and homogenous scattering over the surface should be provided by preventing the variations.
> Scattering to the areas more than 2 m away distances is not recommended.
> Wait until the material scattered over the surface is moistured enough by absorbing the water content of the concrete. The moisture level can be tracked by the colour change.
> The surface should be compacted by a low speed mechanical trowel.
> Water addition to the surface where hardener applied is not allowed.
> Final finishing can be made manually or by mechanical trowel.
> Looseness or laitance on the surface indicates that the concrete is still fresh.
> Unless the concrete reaches to minimum required hardening conditions, surface should be compressed by low speed tray finishing and then final knife finishing should be made with high speed.


> Do not apply in high weather current conditions.
> Do not use on concrete surfaces with fly ash content due to its low workability.
> Water and cement content properties of the concrete may cause slight colour variances.
> Protection against environmental effects and clean application provides colour consistency.
> Colour shading during the drying process is natural.
> Correct timing and trowelling techniques are obligatory.
> The surface and medium temperature should be within 5-35oC.
> Low temperatures decrease and high temperatures increase the application speed.
> Efflorescence may occur at relative humidity conditions lower than 40%.
> Late curing and hardening may occur at relative humidity conditions higher than 80%.
> Anti-slip surface can be provided by chemical abrasion method.
> The impact and abrasion resistance of the surface increase by the surface hardener application, the mechanical strength of the concrete is not affected.
> Curing process is required after Tecnica 32 DS application. Tecnica 22 CW is recommended.
> Shelf life is valid for appropriate storage conditions without opening the pails.
> The tools and equipment used should be cleaned with water immediately after the application. The residues can be cleaned mechanically after hardening.
> For further information refer to safety data sheet.

Store in dry medium. Do not stack more than 10 bags on top of each other.

25 kg multi-ply paper bags.

> Naturel
> Red
> Grey
> Green

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