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Kalekim A.Ş, which was founded in 1973 by Dr. Ibrahim Bodur, who is also the founder of Kale Group of Companies, started its activities with the production of ceramic adhesives and grouts and continues today with producing any kind of chemicals for the construction sector.

In the year 2003 Kalekim A.Ş. decided to merger with Kaleterasit A.Ş., founded in 1968, one of the leader companies of Kale Group in the plaster and painting sector. After this merger, Kalekim A.Ş. took decorative ready coloured plasters, interior and exterior paints into its product range.

Kalekim is the most popular and a leader brand in providing customer satisfaction in the Turkish ceramic adhesives and grouts sector. In 2004, Kalekim entered the thermal insulation sector together with its business partners Dow Chemical and Mardav A.Ş. with the brand name Blue’Safe Mavi Kale.

Along with the growing thermal insulation sector, Kalekim added rockwool and EPS to its product range and started to market these two products under the brand name Kale Mantolama Sistemleri. With the important impacts in water insulation products, Kalekim aims the market leadership in this sector. Kale, the brand for interior and exterior paints as well as decorative exterior plasters keeps its place in this sector among the fi rst 5 brands in Turkey.

With giant investments to production technologies and R&D activities, Kalekim is producing products in the highest quality. Due to the gained experiences it became a great power and a model company in technology and R&D works in its sector. Regardless of which geography it goes, Kalekim has reached the level to produce in all its factories products with raw materials of the respective region, in the same quality and performance, in conformance with European Quality Standards. Kalekim products, which are being produced according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TSE and European Standards, maintain their quality during production as well as during application and also many years later.

Kalekim leads its production facilities domestically in Istanbul, Isparta, Mersin, Yozgat and Erzurum and Mardin. With a total production capacity of 800 tons of construction chemicals, Kalekim is capable of producing 60 tons of paints and 40 tons of plaster in its Kale Paint & Plaster facilities.

Today, Kalekim produces ceramic adhesives, grouts, water and thermal insulation products, mastics, foams, surface preparation materials, ceramic cleaning and maintenance products, interior and exterior paints, decorative exterior plasters as well as thermal insulation products.


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