Innovations and News


Innovations and News::

UltraFuga Grouting Mortar 
Kalekim takes another first step in Turkey and presents silicon enhanced UltraFuga Grouting Mortar. Kalekim is the primary producer of products which is known as Fuga or grouting mortar. Kalekim presents a brand new, multifeatured and intensive product to its customers.
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2nd Retailer Employees Training from Kalekim 
Kalekim, the leading company in building chemicals sector, has given training in Silence Beach Resort to the employees of its retailers that sell products branded Kalekim, Kalecolor, Kaleterasit and Mavi Kale.
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Bonding & Waterproofing in one product; TechnoPool 
Kalekim presents TechnoPool Tile Adhesive as a solution product which provides waterproofing without insulation materials.
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Waterproofing solutions in terraces by Kalekim... 
For waterproofing in terraces, roofs and balconies, Kalekim presents two different solutions with IzoLatex Plus Waterproofing Mortar and IzoLine Bitumen Membrane products.
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Kitchens and bathrooms are more sanitary 
With Kalekim’s new product UltraFuga, the tarnishing and staining of grouting mortars in between ceramic tiles in bathrooms and kitchens are no longer a problem.
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Kalekim introduces its products to civil engineers 
Kalekim introduced all its technical solutions to the Chamber of Izmir Civil Engineers at the date of June 5, 2007.
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Kalekim holds seminars for 30 thousand masters. 
Kalekim, the leading company in building chemicals sector, gives product trainings to ceramic and paint masters with seminars held around Turkey in the scope of “Master Club.” A total of 164 seminars have been held in 86 places in the context of Kalekim Master Seminars started in May 28 2007 and participated by over 25 thousand masters.
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KaleSilikon varies with 5 different colors... 
Kalekim, the market leader in tile adhesive and grouting mortar products, diversifies its product line with its new product KaleSilikon Colored Silicone Sealant.
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Pourable Tile Adhesive from Kalekim: TechnoFull 
Kalekim, the market leader in tile adhesive and grouting mortar products, continues to present solutions with its pourable tile adhesive TechnoFull. TechnoFull provides a great deal of ease and speed in bonding of large sized coating materials like granite, ceramic, etc. on large scale floors as in shopping malls.
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A bonding solution for metal surfaces: TechnoPur 
Kalekim, the market leader in ceramic adhesive and grouting mortar products, has presented solvent-free polyurethane adhesive TechnoPur to the ceramic and parquet masters. TechnoPur is a multi-purpose adhesive, and it is used in bonding coating materials on various surfaces such as concrete, metal or wood.
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Water Insulation Products 
KALEKIM produces not only products, but also solutions. It provides products and services in quality that can meet the expectations and needs of its customers.
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TechnoBond,Polyurethane Adhesive from Kalekim 
Kalekim, the market leader in building chemical sector, provides an accurate solution with TechnoBond Polyurethane Adhesive for bonding especially exterior coating materials on metal construction..
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