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Kalekim is a family comprised of people who have integrated their personal goals and values with the vision of the company while embracing the corporate culture in order to add value to its business and make a difference. We embrace a set of common and fundamental values including customer focus, efficiency, honesty, respect, trust, openness, social responsibility, team work, high quality and constant development, which also applies the way we conduct out Human Resources Management. At the heart of Kalekim’s Human Resources Management lies an understanding which aims to keep the company in a dynamic structure in order to increase the performance of its employees through constant development while cherishing efforts to create a team spirit in a work environment that is contemporary, professional and peaceful. Kalekim’s Human Resources Management thrives to support its employees to be honest, respectful, well-cultivated with a high level of education able to build good human relations while being part of a team in a dynamic way to develop personally and professionally in the long run.




Kalekim’s Data bank shall be used primarily for the personnel requirement in line with Kalekim’s Human Resources Planning. In cases where employment cannot be ensured via Kalekim’s Data Bank, various platforms or consultancy companies shall be used. Candidates who have applied for a job shall be asked to fill a Job Application Form and Career Orientation Inventory when they arrive for a job interview. The first job interview shall be conducted by a Human Resources supervisor. At this stage of the recruitment process, previous experiences of the candidate shall be reviewed to determine whether their competencies are suitable for the job description of the position posted. Case studies and 16 PF test will be conducted, if required. The results of the job interview and tests shall be assessed together in order to determine which candidates will be introduced to department directors. The department director and the human resources supervisor will determine which candidate(s) are suitable for the position before a job offer is made to them, including the wage they will earn. Recruitment for managerial positions shall only be made internally. For an employee to be considered, and eventually designated for a managerial position they need to demonstrate that they have performed effectively in the projects they have been assigned to and completed the required programs designed for their development, both personally and professionally.


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